Vegetarian Recipe Book – Power Food Kitchen


I recently wrote a book of vegetarian recipes which is featured on the site – Power Food Kitchen.  This book takes you on an inspirational journey into the world of healthy plant based foods. It is filled with fun, easy to make recipes designed for people who want to live an active, high energy lifestyle.

The goal of this book is to make it easier for readers to include more plant based foods in their diet. This book features many recipes using coconut oil and also has useful ways to work with cacao, vanilla, cayenne, Ceylon cinnamon, turmeric and other nutritious and beneficial spices.

There is also much more planned for the site as there is many more recipes in the works and articles planned. Take a look at the site and get a copy of the book!

I did all the photography, cover design, proofing/editing and ebook conversion as well. This is  why I added a Publishing page relating to these specialized services that I can now provide.

The Rise of the Mobile Browser

Mobile phone internet usage is on the rise, combining with tablets to form the fastest growing new trend in the marketplaces. We are looking at a world where very soon more than 50% of internet traffic will originate from a mobile device. Its time to get your business ready to offer your services to this new market segment.

Here’s some posts relating to the growth of this market:

Responsive web design is the art of creating a web site that is flexible and reorganized the website to better display on the various screen sizes and/or application platforms (such as iOS or Andriod) and at the least take a look at how your page looks in a mobile browser. Often time you will see the need for immediate improvements.

SEO Insights derived from analyzing billions of dollars in spending

Here is some very useful articles for those seeking to further their understanding of the PPC world. One of the most valuable pieces of information in this article is the cost per click, which ranged by industry and niche greatly but can often cost between $3-5 per click!

Hopefully this will help you better understand current market dynamics when planning a PPC campaign. Imagine a site with 5% conversion rate that has to pay $3 per click for quality traffic. This means they would have to pay roughly $300 for every 5 leads, or $60 per lead. People are paying these PPC bids at these prices everyday, which means they are actively finding valuable leads in this manner!

First you have to invest in a really good site which gets a good conversion rate, install the proper tracking to know where the lead sources are. We handle all aspects of this in house. Once we pass this point, the site is ready for a PPC campaign. If you would like help with this type of marketing to increase your business, including site analysis / increasing conversion rates, campaign management or ad design, please contact us.


Top Software Tools for Accounting, Productivity and Time Tracking

We are looking for the best accounting, online productivity and time tracking software solutions. Here are a few of the most promising solutions we are coming across:

Basecamp – One of the most robust and widely used solutions on the market.

Tickspot – This one is all about project time tracking.

Time Doctor - This one is geared more around monitoring employee productivity but looks very interesting.

Freshbooks is one that we have currenty chosen to use to get our billing systems in order. Features very good paypal integration and excellent client management & invoice creation tools.