Vegetarian Recipe Book – Power Food Kitchen

I recently wrote a book of vegetarian recipes which is featured on the site – Power Food Kitchen.  This book takes you on an inspirational journey into the world of healthy plant based foods. It is filled with fun, easy to make recipes designed for people who want to live an active, high energy lifestyle. […]

The Rise of the Mobile Browser

Mobile phone internet usage is on the rise, combining with tablets to form the fastest growing new trend in the marketplaces. We are looking at a world where very soon more than 50% of internet traffic will originate from a mobile device. Its time to get your business ready to offer your services to this […]

Web Hosting & Domain Registration Tools

Media Temple Web Hosting We recommend MediaTemple because of the scalability in their system design, which allows your site to handle sudden bursts of large amounts of traffic without going down. Domain Registration For domain registration ideas, bustaname is the place to brainstorm and actually find decent domains that are actually available.